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Keith has 20 Years experience as a Photo Retoucher in Agency, Commercial & Newspaper environments, and a professional, cost effective service is now available. Being a freelance Retouching and Design specialist enables him to supply a personal level of service and expertise where customer satisfaction is paramount.

Keith worked as an apprentice in Hallmark Greeting Cards in the reproduction studio, plying his trade as a Photo Litho Retoucher. Scanning artist's originals on Hi-End drum scanners then wet etching the five separations using the Ferry - Cyanide and Hypo techniques, producing an excellent match of the original. Keith then moved on to work with News International in the Imaging department, servicing four busy National Newspaper titles. Working closely with Photographers, Picture & Art Editors he ensured their picture and graphic needs were met on a daily basis, to exacting standards.

He has a passion for making pictures jump out of the screen or page. Picture Retouching is an art form and an essential part of the post production process. Whether it's a range, colour correction & sharpen or a major overhaul of the image, let him apply a bit of TLC to your photos to make this happen. Each image will receive the same care & attention whether it's a major fix or a minor tweak.

Being an expert in Image enhancement and manipulation, Keith can take your pictures to a whole new level. Let your original picture concept always be as you intended it to look. Work with him to produce stunning results.

Keith has extensive pre-press colour knowledge, a full understanding of the requirements for the many Web and Print Media applications which ensures consistent high end quality image work. It is crucial to apply the correct Profile & CMYK attributes for each Picture or Design to enable accurate output and consistent results at the printer each time. This is an area he specializes in.